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Chimera® Vaidvik

A solution ensuring long term graft survival.

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Chimera® Pixel Platform

An automated robotic optical imaging ecosystem, diagnosing infectious disease in real time.

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Chimera® Profeciency

India's first and only PT Program dedicated to Molecular and Transplant Immunology.

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Chimera® Paternity Index

Resolve your legal issues or for the peace of mind.

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BIRAC Reviews

  • The committee found the proposal useful as the single antigen bead (SAB) kits are designed for Indian genotype is not available.
  • The team showed modified polystyrene beads were able to pick up antibodies from sera using these indigenously coupled beads and these antibodies are uniquely found in Indians and do not exist in the current kits.
  • The applicant expressed his need for the antibodies for the validations studies.
  • The team is qualified and equipped to execute the project.